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So, Dark Souls is FINALLY available on PC! So what’s changed between the console versions and the PC? Allow me to break it down for you!


No matter what resolution you set the screen to while playing, the game still renders everything in a much smaller size, reducing image quality and leaving the picture somewhat blurry. This is apparently related to how the console version was programmed, and essentially results in the PC visuals being identical to the console visuals.

In my personal opinion, I really didn’t mind. I loved how the console version looked, and while I would definitely have preferred better, it wasn’t enough to make me stop playing even for a moment.

It should be noted that this little flaw has actually been mostly corrected thanks to a VERY talented individual online. He has been releasing patches which allow the game to render everything in high definition, and the results are VERY pretty. Obviously these aren’t supported by the game’s developers, but in my personal experience they have worked perfectly.

All screenshots were taken using the HD patch. Looks nice in my opinion.


To be blunt, the PC controls are garbage. I’ve yet to talk to anyone who liked them.

That said, once I plugged in my wired 360 controller the game felt perfectly familiar. Google seems to suggest that other gamepads work too, but I can’t say I’ve tried any myself, so do your research if you want to try another type.

Long story short, get a gamepad. Preferably one that won’t snap when you try to break it over your knee after your 23rd attempt at Smough and Ornstein.

Those dark spots are actually petrified humans. Seriously.


Summoning was never a guarantee on the console versions, but my limited experience (30 hours or so) makes me feel the PC has slightly more connection issues. I don’t feel this is a really bad issue, but it can get annoying when you’re trying to summon help for a tough boss and they just keep failing.

Especially when midway through your attempts a dark invader manages to join your game seemingly without issue. Jerks.

Looks inviting doesn’t it?


-is essentially the same.

Approach carefully.


The PC version could have benefited with some actual optimization and a better control scheme, but in the end it’s still an amazing game and a unique experience I’d recommend to anyone (so long as they’ve got a gamepad). Seeing as I’m an incredibly biased fan of this game, I don’t feel 5 stars is sufficient. 6 stars it is!