seitbeit is a webcomic updated twice weekly. We post new comics by Matt every Tuesday and by Sean every Friday which usually feature ourselves and our friends.

At the time of this writing, Matt is a mathematics student and is taking a year off between graduating from Alfred University and applying for grad schools. He plays too many video games, has aspirations to do stand up around Portland for at least his own enjoyment, and is trying to learn to use his new cintiq in hopes that it will improve his comics. He is somewhat like a much less intense version of his comic strip stand-in. The characteristic they share more than any other is how much they both enjoy yelling at inanimate objects, especially TVs.

Matt the character is a pleasure-seeking gamer who is almost completely detached from any emotions aside from joy or rage. He enjoys movies and games of either the most simple and straightforward variety or the most complex and intricate variety and only sometimes anything that falls between. He shows an incredibly deep commitment to trivial ideas and ruses like false personas used for online forms but hasn’t shown evidence of real schizophrenia or other issues. His friends and family probably worry for him anyways.

Sean has a Masters degree in psychology and is working in the field while he looks for a fitting PhD program. He surfs news and forums for information about new entertainment as much as he actually plays games or watches shows. He is always looking for new mechanics and systems to change games and most recently has been planning to try moderating a tabeltop game for the first time. His comic character is quite a bit like him but without interests quite so specific and strange. He really is as intent on customizing, naming, and understanding his video game characters as he is portrayed.

Sean the character is a person usually bored with simplicity. If content will not offer up metaphors and evidence of subtext to him he is more than happy to read into it far too much. Quirky and weird are words that make him sit up and take notice. He derives pleasure, whether it is obvious to his friends or not, from totally controlling his experiences and completing every miniscule and maddening aspect of his favorite activities.