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First of all, if the new logo at the top of the page looks odd or is sitting on a gray background, then get a browser that handles PNGs with transparencies properly (the latest Firefox seems to do just fine). I wrestled with the background color for several hours, trying to get it to match the CSS-defined blue the rest of the page now has around it. It kept coming out darker on my screen and much darker on the mac I tested it with. I’ll probably go back to that fight later and see if I can get something to work out because I haven’t seen any forward motion worth getting excited about with how IE handles varied image types but for now this will do. I’ll just offer those of you with lesser browsers an apology.

More important news now! I have finally bothered to check a few boxes, fill out a few content fields, and published our Facebook page! Head on over and check it out, feel free to post on our wall and give me new content to figure out how to screw around with. Become our fan even! We’d love to hear from you and talk to you.

Well, I would. Maybe Sean hates you all. I doubt that, though.