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The usual procrastination and a busy week have conspired to make my comic an unfinished mess, and I already post enough unfinished messes so I’m just holding off on a comic entirely this week. Enjoy Sean’s melting protagonist a while longer!

For some semblance of content, I do have something I’ve been holding onto for a bit. If you followed the links attached to the comic I did about Kickstarter, then you may already be familiar with the lottery-winner-turned-game-dev that was trying to crowd-fund at least part of his, uh, “ambitious” game idea. It turned out how you would expect.

But if you weren’t also hoping that it went unfunded, you didn’t look deep enough into this pile of bullshit. It’s deep and it’s stinky, I’ll admit, but there are gems of entertainment in there and I’m washing one off for you right now. His pitch videos are pretty universally terrible but this is a real wonder:

Oh boy.

And if that’s somehow not entertaining you, then here’s a complete non-sequitir, thanks to Sean:

Proof that better minds than those that shaped Spiderman: Turn off the Dark are already setting the Dark Knight to music.

- Matthew (RNP)