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District 9 is playing on my campus tonight. A lot of us are going to the 11 o’clock showing, 2nd out of 3 showings.

Alfred campus tradition is that the Friday 8pm showing is for all the people that really care about the movie. It’s the most crowded and everyone is generally pretty socially respectable, rather remarkable for a college community, actually.

11 is for everyone that wants to make fun of the movies. In fact, Pirate Theater (the comedy group I’m part of here) was thinking of trying to got official sanction to appropriate these eleventh hour showings as our own event. “Come see a movie with PIRATE THEATER!” and we would take the front two or three rows and MST3k the movie. MST3k IS a verb for us pirates, by the way.

Finally, the… 10? 11am showing? I go on Sunday so rarely. The Sunday showing is for kids if the movie is appropriate and/or the handful of students that didn’t get a chance on Friday. Tonight will be different.

I will be sitting in hushed reverence for this movie from the moment the lights dim until the movie has ended. I will make up for this by babbling incessantly to the few of my friends who haven’t seen it yet about how much they should love it and are bad people if they don’t. I don’t actually think that is true, but it is something I must profess to satisfy myself so that I do not give them spoilers before it starts.