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What's Down There? Birth of a dungeon crawler.

I’m gonna let you in on a cool project called DESCEND.

Trevor, one third of the wonderful band Natural Wood, one fourth of a perfect Left 4 Dead team, and a friend of mine, is making a game. That’s, like, a whole game. From whole cloth, or bits and bytes and code and pixels or something in this case, I guess.

Most people know that a game is usually made by one hundred and one million people. But occasionally, you’ll see titles made mostly or entirely by one person. Those stories are always captivating. It’s because making a game requires so many disciplines, with coding, art, ui and graphic design, management, etc. I’d make that list more complete but I’ve never tried making a game, and that’s certainly the only way to know what it takes.

Being as its creator is a fan of dungeon crawling and particularly of random worlds, DESCEND is a side-scrolling dungeon crawler. It’s going to have a lot of roguelike qualities, like the random maps, and Trevor’s focus, judging from a conversation we had this weekend, is detail.

He’s aiming for animations fitting each weapon type, as opposed to just windmilling at enemies with a halberd the same way as with a sword. He wants most or all weapons to allow for a couple types of attack, quick or charged for instance, giving combat a little more depth than the common template for dungeon crawlers.

Thus far, Trevor’s only planned foray into getting help from others with DESCEND is to test his online capabilities. He’s aiming to be an army of one, I think.

DESCEND Inventory Screen

It’s early days yet, but it’s pretty exciting to watch him go. Most recently, he’s been working on the basics of getting a server to send out a map to clients. But a few times he’s jumped ahead and posted updates like this and other peeks into the game. Right now, the fun part of this for all of us is that he’s blogging the experience, letting us see how it’s coming along and giving insight into what he’s learning to get this done. Did you miss the link? It’s right up top. Go click it!

Bookmark the page. It’s a pretty good read and there are upcoming opportunities to help test things.

- Matthew (RAP)