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Something Awful forums user fookolt made a thread trying to explain a little about a weird, upcoming title. (June 7. Only in Japan thus far, sadly.)

This is probably not the time you’re asking yourself “what game is that, Matthew?” I say not because the game’s name is both above and below. That question is literally sandwiched inside its answer, Tokyo Jungle.

Yes. Yes I do want to be a chick, like a baby chicken. Thank you for the opportunity.

I didn’t say that ironically or something, and I’m not exaggerating some vague interest in the game. I really want to be that chick. I want to control that Pomeranian. I could take or leave the bears humping.

The game is supposed to be pretty much as it appears on the surface. You play as an animal, sometimes part of a pack, and you have to survive in an abandoned Tokyo, which nature is quickly reclaiming. By completing challenges or racking up points, which are basically calories so far as I can guess, you can unlock new animals to be. Classic gameplay, rather novel setting and furniture.

I like to believe I appreciate ideas based somewhat on their novelty. But I need to admit that I’m excited mostly because I remember renting E.V.O. a million times when I was a kid, no hyperbole.

Nights when Sean and I went out to the pool, our dad would sometimes tell us we could rent a game on the way home if we swam a couple laps. I know at least once that I made those strokes into mental practice for spending the evening as a fish.

Some part of me still wants to be playing as that fish.

While unlocking new animals in one go, the system of Tokyo Jungle, isn’t quite as great as mish-mashing bits and calling it “evolution,” the system in E.V.O., I’ll forgive them because they’re promising eighty types of animal. And if the video moved a little too quickly for you, then go enjoy some of those animals in screenshots and even some outfits for them.

Lastly, let me just point out that there’s a story mode to play through. You can be a loose-cannon Pomeranian cop-on-the-edge or a lady-killer, high-roller racehorse. I may only have the animals right in those descriptions. But they say the two really do have backstories and stuff.


- Matthew (RNP)

P.S. The more I think about it, the more I like this game’s elevator pitch. “Humans are dead. Tokyo’s overgrown. You’re a little animal killing other animals until you get to be a bigger animal. This goes on a while.”