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I was surfing forums and just saw the shitty old cover for Faceball, a gameboy game.

I’ve never had an urge to go play an old game that I was more sure would end in incredible dissatisfaction. Lots of people I’ve talked this over with have had similar experiences with games, movies, playgrounds, and what-have-you. It’s never as good when you go back to experience it again now that you’re older. I have thus far almost wholly avoided this betrayal of nostalgia.  Generally I can place how I felt about these things, how I felt about these things, and how I’ll feel if I try them again before I have to dig them out and plug in whichever archaic device is necessary. Once I’ve gauged all of that, I can put that urge to rest without ruining that memory for myself.

Faceball is testing me more than anything else has, though. There is absolutely no reason this should be the case.