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So I’m home for the weekend, right? I drove back here on Friday afternoon/evening and got in around midnight or one. I’m an obsessive list-maker when I have things to get done but that doesn’t mean I don’t forget things. I forget to ever write these lists down, for instance. I’m confident that if I think of them nine to ten times a day I should definitely remember every item on them whether my past experiences support or refute this conclusion (they refute).

So come yesterday afternoon I had a comic idea, a layout planned, and dialogue tentatively written and awaiting only last minute revision upon actually viewing it in its visual context. I just hadn’t sketched or inked anything. It was all so easy to see as I rose from the couch around 1 in the afternoon. I would have breakfast, take a shower, go and get a haircut, play a round of Eternal Conflict with people, play some Little Big Planet online, maybe watch a few episodes of Flight of the Conchords until my mom was ready to join us for Big Bang Theory, play some games of Magic and maybe one of Munchkin, get the comic done, and finally write my sketch ideas for the campus comedy show next weekend. It was so simple! How could any one task slip my mind or get out of order, let alone half of them?

Today I will be confined to my car from shortly after posting this apology until the evening, making my way across hill and dale back to Alfred. When I arrive there is a little work to be done before Pirate Theater rehearsal and a handful of schoolwork to be done after. My Wednesday schedule dictates I rise by 12:30, however, so I should be able to stay up late and get you guys another of my bona fide masterpieces only a day late. I apologize for any inconvenience. I mean, I know these are the only thing some of you live for and you have no idea how sorry I am to abuse that relationship.

Ya gorgeous, don’t change a bit.