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Was this past Saturday. Sorry if you missed it.

I was in Manhattan to pick up tickets to a figure drawing event on Sunday (I put a few of the pieces I did there up on our facebook page) and so I took the opportunity to swing by Forbidden Planet and took a walk up to the Midtown Comics near Grand Central.

I took the opportunity to pick up Vol 1 of the Sinestro Corps Wars but the point of FCBD is the free stuff, right? Midtown had a promotional issue of Green Lantern to hand out, which was great because GL has always been my favorite hero, but Forbidden Planet was giving out random selections from their back issues bagged four at a time and that was fantastic. I was lucky enough to get a Jonah Hex, two Iron Man comics and also an issue of Kiss 4k.

Guess which one probably won’t ever get read.

2011 free comic haul

- Matthew (RNP)

(I happen to enjoy that I coincidentally got an issue of “The Invincible Iron Man” with a cover of the “Invincible” hero getting his ass kicked.)