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of how little willpower Sean has.

Sean got a copy of COD: Black Ops for PS3 delivered here on release day. He played it for a week or maybe two before he realized that his PS3 friends had skipped it over and he knew more folks playing on the 360. So he bought a 360 copy and told me he would sell the PS3 version on eBay or to a Gamestop. I’m pretty sure that it’s still resting thirty feet from me in his stack of games.

We’re gonna keep moving back in time.

Modern Warfare 2 Sean also has two copies of, PS3 and 360. And I think he bought those simultaneously sometime early in its release week.

The first Modern Warfare is my favorite example, though. See, he bought that way back when for his XBox before I owned a PS3. Eventually, maybe almost a year into the game’s life or something, I got my PS3 and a used copy of COD4 to play with some of our Warcraft guildies. Sean picked one up as well and reunited with his love of headshots on the PS3. He actually traded his 360 disc in when he was picking up another game (Bayonetta or I-don’t-remember-what). Then, later, he bought another 360 disc for it. That’s three copies of COD4.

But what sparked the telling of this rambling tale?

Sean owns Battlefield: Bad Company 2 for the 360 and his playtime on the game has long since been eaten up by the couple of Call of Duty games released between then and now. That doesn’t mean a Steam sale should keep him from owning another edition on the PC! (I don’t think he has enjoyed a shooter on the PC or known anyone else that plays shooters on the PC for a few years now…)

The only reason he’s been able to give? “Seven dollars!”

- Matt (RNP)