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I found the not-being-lazy-and-boring enough to get a comic done! Yeah!

MLB 14: The Show, aka The Show ’14, aka MLB Show Fourteen, aka Show Me MLB, aka MLB: The Show-Me State 14, aka—you get the joke—is a good game. It’s a really poor set of menus and completely lacking some all-but-necessary tutorials, but if you’re willing to be mad at it for a week, then you come out on the other end probably enjoying yourself. (Is it clear I’m trying to get a job with their marketing team?)

My biggest frustration now is when my pitcher can’t put the ball right where I want, despite the fact that I might have hit the buttons with perfect timing. The reason is, of course, because the professionals can’t do it ever time either. The Show includes thirty or forty random number generators related to your player’s degree of fatigue, confidence in his game that particular day, general skill, and confidence and skill with each of his learned throws.

But you get frustrated. And when one of your 8th-inning pitches (my character is a starter, by the way) DOES manage to go where you want and perfectly mark the corner of the strike zone, then the ump calls it a ball, you get downright fucking angry.

– Matthew (RNP)